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Smok Alien vs Smok Species vs Smok Morph

Smok Alien vs Smok Species vs Smok Morph

We are comparing three of the top-selling mods from Smok, the RHA220W Alien Kit, the 230W Species Kit and the brand new Morph 219 Kit.

Now that the Morph Kit has been released, I think this is a great opportunity to look into all the key features these three vape mod titans have to offer you and for you to decide which one is the best.

Smok Alien Kit

First up, is an old faithful for many vapers, the Smok Alien Kit. Although this kit has had a name change to the RHA220W Kit, nothing has changed regarding the actual kit itself. The RHA220W Kit still contains the mod, the Smok TFV8 Baby Tank, coils and some spare parts. The mod uses two18650 batteries to function and has a top wattage of 220W as the name suggests. There are many vapers out there who have either owned or used the Alien Kit / RHA 220W Kit or at least seen one online as it is featured in many good vape shops and websites. In the past, the Alien Kit (as it was known at the time) was the go-to kit for vapers looking to switch from a mouth to lung (MTL) style to start using a sub ohm or direct to lung (DTL) inhale device. One of the key features of this kit was the side firing button, this was the first mod to use the whole side panel as an activation button.

Smok Species Kit

Following on from the Alien Kit / RHA220W Kit, the Smok Species Kit arrived and sent shockwaves through the vaping world. The Species Kit was a smaller device than its predecessor, yet still uses two18650 batteries and has a slightly increased maximum wattage of 230W. The Species Kit from Smok is one of the newest sub ohm vaping kits that they have released and in my opinion, outshines the Alien Kit / RHA220W Kit in many ways especially due to a new user interface which makes using the Species Kit simple including the menu which has very easy navigation.

Another big difference in terms of performance with the Species Kit is it including the new Smok TFV8 Baby V2. The V2 has been upgraded in every way Smok could, including new A1, A2 or A3 Mesh coils, newly designed airflow also button activation, slide to fill, top filling system. The new coils are made from mesh which has a larger heating area and provides the user with a lot more vapour and great intense flavour production. 

Smok Morph Kit 219 

Finally, the newest kit to be brought to production by Smok is the Morph Kit. This new and stylish kit has a top wattage of 219W and comes with the Smok TFV8 Baby V2. The tank uses a plug and play style of coil as opposed to the usual screw in style coil which makes the tank super easy to use. 

The Morph Kit has an impressive menu system and shows you everything you need in a simple and stylish way. There is even a menu function which allows you to input text on your touchscreen keyboard when creating a custom vaping setting, the mod also features a passcode if needed to avoid children being able to pick up your mod and use it.

I have used all of these products in a testing scenario using the same e-liquid and the same wattage of 60W and found that the performance was best from the Species Kit, followed by the Morph with the plug and play style coils and then finally in third place was the Alien kit. I am happy to see that the improvements Smok have made with the TFV8 Baby V2 tank significantly improve the performance of the tank. 

The downsides to these kits are very few and far between.

There have been reports of the paint peeling off on the original Alien Kits but this was rectified in the new RHA220W as Smok now use a different painting style to colour their mods. 

The Morph coils are plug and play which does make changing the coils a lot easier, however, if you have e-liquid in your tank and try to change the coil, it will leak out from the tank through the drip tip.

The Species Kit does have a full frontal screen which although is scratch resistant to some effect, there is always the possibility of getting hairline scratches on this mod and both the Species Kit and Morph Kits are fingerprint magnets.

That being said, all three of these kits from Smok are impressive and they perform well. If I had to choose one of these kits to buy myself, I personally would go for the Smok Species Kit. For me, this kit is the slickest and stylish mod I have seen come out of Smok’s production line of mods and kits and the TFV8 Baby V2 tank was unbeatable when compared to the Alien Kit / RHA220W and the Morph Kit.

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