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What is Vaping

England and the NHS are advocating e-cigarette use: The NHS is quoted as saying the below following a landmark Public Health England


”former smokers who have now switched to using e-cigarettes or NRT have significantly lower levels of toxins than those who continue to smoke regular cigarettes.”


On 19th February 2019 Public Health England maintained their stance that vaping is 95% less harmful to health than smoking and stated”

E-cigarettes have helped thousands of people in the UK successfully quit smoking. Yet 44% smokers either wrongly believe vaping is as harmful as smoking or don’t know that vaping poses much lower risks to health.” Public Health England


Making the switch to Vaping

Don't fret, because at the very heart of it, all e-cigarettes serve the same ultimate goal and whilst their inner mechanisms differ in terms of sophistication, at their core, they are all similar.

We understand that making the switch from cigarettes to vaping can be a daunting prospect. That's why we've put together three simple steps to get you started.

Firstly, 'E-cig' is a very broad term and one that generates very different understandings depending on who you speak too. To the general population, an e-cigarette is most likely a cig-a-like (i.e looks like a cigarette), to somebody who has just touched upon the vast vaping world, an e-cig is probably a vape pen, like the One Kit and then there are the Mods…