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10 Proper Vaping Techniques From Ecig Experts

10 Proper Vaping Techniques From Ecig Experts

As the vape and e-cigarette culture begins to take over the tobacco industry, many ex-tobacco smokers are moving to vaping as a preferred method of nicotine enjoyment. In fact, many experts are telling smokers they would prefer their patients vape rather than smoke tobacco as it contains only vapor and nicotine. However, many who are new to vaping, have a vaping style similar to when they were smoking. Yet, this is often not the best way to gain maximum benefit from your vape or e-cig. Below are the top 10 best and preferred proper vaping techniques or vaping methods to get you started on the path of greater enjoyment of your vape or ecig

Get Started for the Proper Vaping Techniques and Best Way To Vape –

1. Place your vape or e-cig at the side of the mouth.
This vaping style allows for the vapor to pass over the taste buds better thus allowing a greater enjoyment of the many vape flavors of e-liquid and vapes.

2. Slowly draw on the vape for 3-5 seconds allows the atomizer to heat up fully.
Many former tobacco smokers inhale quickly as they did when smoking previously. However, a slower, longer draw vaping technique is best as shorter draws fail to provide enough vapor for maximum benefit to provide the most effective vapor experience.

3. Have a zero nicotine vape available when you want to vape continuously.
Vapes and E-Cigs don’t burn out, so it’s entirely up to you to decide when you’re done. In fact, beginners may find they subconsciously leave their vape or e-cig behind and feel as if they left their cigarette burning. The body absorbs nicotine through vapor a bit differently than through the smoke of a traditional cigarette. Where the average cigarette might last only 5 minutes, the same experience from an electronic cigarette starter kits might require up to 10 minutes. Without the immediate cut-off of your cigarette burning out, it’s possible to overdo it when you are first starting and feel a bit light headed. However, having a non-nicotine vape by your side will allow you to swap out and enjoy vaping throughout the day. Many varieties of low to zero nicotine vapes are available to choose from for full enjoyment. As well, many vaping enthusiasts are enjoying zero nicotine vapes as they begin to take up vaping as a hobby.

4. Hold vapor in your mouth for a few seconds before inhaling into the lungs.
The vapor from e-cigarettes and vapor atomizers are absorbed differently by the body in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. The vapor molecules are best absorbed by the mucus membranes in the mouth and cheek. The best vaping methods involve a slow draw, then holding for a few seconds in the mouth before inhaling into the lungs. This is one of the popular vaping techniques.

5. Stealth vaping when a large plume of vapor is undesirable. (Vape Drawing)
When in public places, many people around you may not be educated about the harmless effects of the vapor released from vaping or using e-cigarettes. A modified vaping technique of stealth vaping can be used to eliminate most or all of the vapor released from the mouth. This vaping style involves drawing vapor into the mouth, then shortly into the lungs, and finally a quick inhale of fresh air before exhaling.

6. Exhaling through the nostrils –
This vaping technique takes advantage of the fact that experts have found mucus membranes absorb the vapor best. Vaping while holding a few seconds in the mouth, then into the lungs and finally exhaling through the nostrils takes full advantage of the vapor to ensure maximum benefit.

7. Hold between index finger and thumb versus between index and middle finger.
Many vaping enthusiasts are former tobacco smokers who are seeking to break the physical habit of holding a cigarette. Holding an e-cigarette or vape differently will not only help to break the old habit of holding a cigarette, it’s actually much more comfortable this way.

8. Single draw from stronger cartridge or several draws from a lower strength cartridge.
With so many choices available in vapes and e-cigarettes, you can modify your vaping experience and vaping techniques according to your own personal preference. Many former heavy smokers may find they gain more benefit from a stronger cartridge with less draws, while the social smoker may find they enjoy a lighter strength cartridge which encourages more frequent draws.

9. The Long, slow vape –
This vaping method involves two short draws and then a long draw. The two short draws prepare the mouth and the lungs for the longer more powerful draw. Many vaping enthusiasts prefer this vaping technique to gain the fastest benefit from their vape.

10. Vape modding –
Changing the e cig mods on your vape is easy. You are no longer confined to a boring stick “cig-a-like” cartridge. There are a variety of e cig mods on the market to suit your unique personality and style. As well, these mods include a variety of voltage mods to maximize your vaping experience.

Vaping and ecig enjoyment has gained increased popularity across the U.S. as the healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. However, many beginners mistakenly pick up a vape or ecig and begin inhaling in the same way the used to smoke a tobacco cigarette. However, with a few slight modifications on use and style, the vape and ecigs become much more beneficial as well as offer the smoking enthusiast a variety of vape flavors and vaping mod styles while enjoying the same benefits of tobacco smoking without the harmful effects. This is how you can juul or vape without coughing.

We hope the above vaping techniques, vape inhale techniques and best vape methods will help you getting the maximum benefits in your vaping enjoyment.

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