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Cloud Chasing, the Exciting Sport in The Vaping Industry

Cloud Chasing, the Exciting Sport in The Vaping Industry

A sport in the vaping industry? Yes, you read that right! What started merely as an alternative to smoking has now turned into a hobby, art and most importantly, a sport! Still wondering what I am yapping about? I introduce to you the new and exciting vaping competition, cloud chasing! Still sounds strange to you? Then read on and get to know all about this vaping trend that everyone is talking about.


Cloud chasing refers to the act of using customized vaporizers or mods to blow large clouds of vapour. The cloud chasers inhale deeply and then releases enormous and impressive clouds of vapour. Although cloud chasing started simply as a hobby, professional vapers have now taken it to an entirely new level. This brings us to our next point, cloud chasing competition.


Although our website deals strictly with weed vaping, we will base this post on e-cig competitions since it all comes down to vaping. Also, although weed vaping competitions are not very popular, it is evident that weed would also be excellent in producing cloud. Who knows, the next big thing might be weed vaping competitions!

It is hard to believe that something that started at such low levels has grown into the fantastic sport it is today.

While it is not clear how this competition started, it is believed that the first cloud chasing competition was held in West Coast of the US in 2002. Most people claim that small competitions were conducted by the vape enthusiasts, mostly in small vape stores. It is hard to believe that something that started at such low levels has grown into the fantastic sport it is today. You may be surprised to learn that, there are some people out there who have already made a career out of this sport!


Vaping contests fall under two general classifications; tricks and clouds. During the competition, players stand back to back while holding their vaping devices. Most of the matches are always regulated and therefore, the devices are set at a particular resistance level. As soon as the timer starts, the vapers inhale deeply into their devices, releasing huge plumes of vapour. As a condition, the players must not release any excess vapour off from the sides. Also, the cloud must go in a straight line. As the countdown comes to an end, a panel of judges then selects the best player. This is usually based on a number of factors such as the density, the cleanliness and the length of the cloud. Depending on the nature of the competition, the winner is awarded or proceeds to the next round of the tournament.

In the tricking category, players are required to show their expertise by presenting their best tricks. In this, players expertly manipulate a number of their body parts to perform different tricks and to produce different shapes. Understandably, tricking is more difficult as compared to cloud chasing. These are some of the most common shapes and tricks that a player can perform: The spammer, the Bender and the Runner. While the Runners are known to create different shapes through their movement, the Spammers are identified with their stacked ‘’O’’s achieved by cheek tapping. On the other hand, the benders remain still and manipulate their body parts to produce different shapes. The winner is then selected based on the cleanliness, creativity and consistency of the clouds.


Absolutely yes! Anyone can participate in these vaping tournaments. However, you must be skilled enough and be of the legally required age. You can decide to start with the local vaping events, and then move on to the international vaping events as you grow in the trade. One of the most famous vaping competition is the VC Cloud Chasing Championship. The Vapor Capital hosts this event, and it has continued to attract thousands of spectators who come to watch as their favourite players outdo each other in the vaping floor. The top players take home custom mods, scholarships and even cash prizes of up to 10,000 dollars!


Although vaping competitions are generally safe, some people have raised concern about the potential risks of this sport. Some people feel that meddling with a vaporizer to produce thicker and bigger clouds can be hazardous. However, it is important to note that the e-cigs used in these tournaments are customized to specifically produce large and thick clouds of vapour. Also, the e-liquids used in these competitions have less propylene glycol and nicotine in order to produce the desired cloud of vapour. In addition, the batteries used in these sports have been tried and tested to ensure that they are strong, stable and not likely to explode. These are some of the reasons why you might not want to use your standard vaporizer to try these tricks and cloud chasing in your house!

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