Solobar Rechargeable Bar – S10000 – 50mg – 1s

Solobar is a professional manufacturer of disposable vape pens and pod systems. The company integrates design, manufacturing, and quality to craft its signature products. Quality takes the fore when creating these devices. The company uses food-grade materials to ensure a safe product and performing full checks on core parts to give the best experience to the end-user.

Deciding which vape brand to explore is never easy, but much anticipation has mounted for this very product. Solobar Rechargeable Bar – S10000 – 50mg – 1s has a range of flavours that are sure to give a glimpse of what this brand is all about. With 50mg nicotine, dual mesh coil, and 600mAh battery this range shows that there can only be one solo bar.

Also going the extra mile, these devices have a Child Safety Lock- press the button three times to turn the device on/off. This ensure no accidental use of this product by minor.