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Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette 101

Vapers are not smokers. If you are a vaper, you neither smoke tobacco nor are responsible for facilitating passive smoking. Still, do you think, it is important to know of vaping etiquette?

Don’t be surprised if you are listening to this word, ‘Vaping Etiquette’, for the first time. This is a relatively rarely used term. Believe me, your vaping etiquette is more important to people around you than it may be to you.

You all know that E Cigs are much safer as compared to traditional cigarettes. Time to time it has been proven that E Cig is a better alternative to traditional cigarette. However, the concept of E Cigarette is still new to many and not all perceive the E Cig as the safest option currently available.

People will always have disbelieves and misconceptions about E Cigs and vaping. Many still consider vaping equivalent to smoking, which is outright wrong!

But hey, we live in a real world with people having differing opinions. So, that’s why you need to understand that there are certain unwritten rules of vaping or vaping etiquette, especially if you are vaping in public!

We  care for you. We definitely do not want you to suffer due to public opinions. If you follow some of the rules of vaping mentioned in this post, you can safely avoid embarrassment while still vaping in public.

We understand it’s tempting to try your first brand new E Cig as soon as you get your hands on it…but please read this vaping etiquette blog on priority to make your first vaping experience an awesome and public embarrassment free one!

Why Does Vaping Etiquette Matter?

vaping in public
vaping in public

Frankly, it is people and their opinions. Not everyone thinks the same as you or I think. Everyone has his/her opinion and it is your responsibility to respect it.

E Cigs are still new in the market. The history tells us that humans have their notions about the technology even if the technology is proven safe.

You will laugh at this thought, but back in time microwave ovens were believed to kill food!

To make it brief, every household uses microwave ovens these days. But when the microwave oven was introduced as a home appliance, there was a lot of resistance from homemakers to adapt to this technology. The biggest concern was whether it’s safe!

E Cig is nothing but today’s microwave. It is going to take time for people to adapt to this new high-tech cigarette, which is of course much better than traditional cigarettes.

On the other hand, good news is there are currently no laws restricting vaping. But if vaping is perceived as a problem by the public, if vapers create a nuisance by not following certain vaping etiquette, then there is a possibility that government will create vape restriction laws and vaping in public will be a problem for you.

Now, on the brighter side, good vaping etiquette and following rules of vaping means no harm to anyone and a better future for E Cig and vaping in public.

Rules of Vaping in Social Situations   

Social vaping, just like social drinking, is still not common. So, if you are aiming for vaping in public you need to be careful.

If you are a smoker converted to vaping you may already know what the restrictions on smoking in public are. You can apply the same logic for rules of vaping in public, but always remember that vaping is not equal to smoking.

Debrett’s Katherine Lewis says that vaping in public is a relatively modern phenomenon, and as such vaping etiquette is still being established. It’s not difficult to be a respectful vaper though – you just need to be courteous and ask permission before engaging in behavior that may affect others.

After a good long survey of vapers in the UK, vaping expert Debrett has issued guidelines or rules of vaping in public. But you don’t have to go anywhere, just follow this list below for vaping etiquette.

Rules of Vaping #01 – When you are outdoor

  • If you feel like vaping while outside your house, find a less crowded spot.
  • Ask people around you if they mind if you vape.
  • In case, people do not want you to vape because they think that it can be dangerous to their health, try to convince them how safe vaping is.
  • Even after convincing, if people do not agree, forget about vaping there, move on and find another spot.

Rules of Vaping #02 – Children and pets

  • People could be very sensitive to the environment around their children and pets.
  • It is generally a good idea not to vape when children or pets are around.
  • In case, you are trapped in a situation where you desperately want to vape but children or pets are around, make sure you find a secluded spot away from them and there you can enjoy vape.

Rules of Vaping #03 – Where can you vape in public

  • There are only a few best places on the Earth to vape. A pub is one of them!
  • Many pubs are accepting vaping; many have turned to vaping from smoking.
  • It is always good to ask for permission for vaping in any pub you enter, just to make sure that you become the vaping role model for vapers and smokers alike. Show them that there is something called vaping etiquette.

Rules of Vaping #04 – Never ever stealth vape

  • You might not have heard it, but you may have done it already.
  • Stealth vaping is vaping in a stealth mode, where the vaper hides the instrument and also the vape by holding it longer.
  • If you have not done it so far, you know what it is now! Stealth vaping is a very bad practice and it can ruin your reputation of a good vaper following vaping etiquette.
  • Stealth vaping basically suggests that you are scared of people or your habit of vaping, which should not be the case if you enjoy vaping.
  • Moreover, it can be a problem in places where vaping is strictly not allowed such as offices, gas stations, theaters etc.

Rules of Vaping #05 – Strictly no vaping

  • Never ever vape in queues and in restaurants when the waiters are serving food.
  • Strictly no vaping on buses, theaters, flights, trains or any other public transportation.

Rules of Vaping #06 – No blowing vape

Rules of Vaping
  • It is amateurish to blow vape into someone’s face.
  • Such interactions always end up in intense arguments or fights, definitely setting up a bad example.
  • If you are playing such tricks with your close vaper friend, then it may be ok as far as it does not turns into a physical fight. What if you get into a fight?

Don’t ask me again, I already warned you!

Rules of Vaping #07 – No vaping in confined public spaces

  • You may be alone in the elevator and cannot avoid the temptation to vape, but imagine what will you leave behind when you are out of it…just a lot of vape that will be someone else’s problem.
  • A good vaper does not vape in confined public places such as an elevator, toilet or even a confession room for that matter! Have some vaping etiquettes!

Rules of Vaping #08 – Behaving with other vapers

  • It is good to meet other vapers in a pub or so. You may also want to try their E liquid, but wait; there is a procedure to ask for it.
  • You cannot just walk into someone and vape from his/her E Cig. You have to ask politely if you could have a sample of his/her E liquid, just to try on. I am sure nobody denies a polite request.

Rules of Vaping #09 – Keep calm and carry on

  • Like others, you may also have opinions about vaping and smoking. It is generally not a good idea to convert your opinions into arguments.
  • Do not be a vaping fanatic. Do not verbally attack smokers.
  • Everyone has a right to choose what he/she wants, so respect their opinion.
  • An E Cig in your hand means something. You have already made your decision.
  • Inform others and educate people about vaping.

I understand, vaping in public could be tempting especially when you are with your vaper friends. In fact, if people do not mind, you can safely vape in public, show them your vape tricks.

Concluding Vaping in Public

  • Vaping in public can be fun, only when some rules of vaping are followed.
  • The most important vaping etiquette is to understand what people around you want when you try vaping in public.
  • As a general courtesy, do not vape in the vicinity of children and pets.
  • You must not vape at certain public places such as public transport and confined places such as an elevator.
  • Stealth vaping is problematic, so avoid it.
  • While vaping in public, keep calm, don’t get into arguments and respect opinions of others.
  • If people around you do not mind, do not forget to show them vape tricks and engage them in a healthy discussion.
  • Whenever you feel appropriate, spread awareness on vaping. It is good for life!
  • In a nutshell, do not keep that E Cig down, keep the vaping on but do not forget to follow rules of vaping and vaping etiquette.
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